You ask a legal question and we give you a free answer, it's that simple. But why are we doing it for free?

With Laspnet answering your questions for free it is possible that you won’t need to pay a practising lawyer for legal assistance elsewhere. If so, that's great. If on the other hand you do need further legal assistance, we hope that you like what you have heard so far and consider using one of our lawyers at their respective law firms for your additional legal needs. It's that simple.

Step 1 - Ask a question

Type your question into the box on our home page and click the button underneath. Provide as much detail as possible about your legal question.

Step 2 - Lawyers will answer

Your question will be picked up by a Ugandan lawyer. Our lawyers will reply to your query with relevant information and next steps.

Step 3 - You receive a response

Your legal question will be answered by email. We told you it was simple!

All people at some point in their lives need legal advice, but it shouldn't always be necessary for people to instruct a law firm to get that advice.

At Laspnet we believe that some questions can be answered and directions can be given so easily that paying a law firm is simply unnecessary.

We also believe that if more people had a little bit of professional advice earlier on with their legal problem, it could help them make more of an informed decision about the legal help they require and may even reduce their legal costs moving forwards.

Ask Laspnet has been set up to answer your legal questions with minimal fuss. Only experienced qualified Ugandan lawyers answer your questions and you can log on to our website from anywhere in the world and receive your answer without ever seeing or speaking to anyone. And to make it even better, Ask laspnet is completely FREE.

At Laspnet we guarantee:

  • 100% confidentiality.
  • Answers always from experienced Ugandan lawyers
  • No legal jargon
  • A completely FREE service with no obligations. You don’t sign anything and we don’t take any payment details. This is a non-transactional website
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