To change your name, you need to swear a Deed Poll through the following steps:

Find a lawyer to draft a Deed Poll stating the changes you are making to your name, sign it and swear an Affidavit in support of it.

Have the Deed Poll registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB).

Publish the change of name in the Uganda Gazette at Uganda Printing and Publishing Corpor
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right from day 1 primary to university official documents bear my two names .But it happened when the issue of national id had just come ,and my fathers name was captured on my ID, now the Id possess three names first, surname and given name .This has affected my career and business representation.
here i come seeking for solution ,which is easier dropping the name or adding

There have been a number of instances of hospitals detaining patients over unpaid medical bills during the ongoing lockdown. This growing practice is a violation of human rights including the right to dignity and freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment as well as the right to personal liberty.

Hospitals are not legally gazetted detention centres for payment defaulters. Under no circumsta
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"Appropriation" in the law of contract and sale of goods refers to a situation where a buyer or supplier performs an act to show that he/she has specifically selected/identified the contract goods with the intention of using them in performance of the contract.

Appropriation is usually done by a seller but can be done by a buyer as well.

Appropriation by seller/supplier

According to the case of Merrell Dow Vs Norton, Where an inventor discloses confidential information revealing the existence of an invention and enabling a skilled person in that field to be able to reproduce that invention, it results to loss of patentability due to that disclosure.

Secondly, Oral disclosure does not anticipate a patent if made in confidence, whether express or implied. (Vi
The principle of double jeopardy basically requires that no one should be tried twice for the same offence. Therefore, one can use it as a defence to avoid prosecution for an offence for which he/she was previously acquitted/convicted of.

Further still, one cannot be convicted twice on two different crimes arising from the same chain of action except where the crimes carry a significant diff
Ugandan Citizenship
1.0 Who is a citizen of Uganda
i. Every person born in Uganda, one of whose parents or grandparents is or was a member of any of the indigenous communities existing and residing within the borders of Uganda as at the first day of February, 1926 and set out in the third schedule of the constitution. (article10a of the constitution)
ii. Every person born in or out
The law allows an employer to discharge an employee from employment for justifiable reasons including among others, expiry of contract and attainment of retirement age. The employer should however follow the law in doing so.

According to the Employment Act of 2006 an employer should serve the employee with a notice prior to termination of his employment depending on how long his employment h
Kabugo Sulaiman posted Apr 21 '21 at 3:59 am
Computer misuse is an offense under the Computer Misuse Act. A computer is any electronic devise used in our daily lives to store, send, receive and generate all kinds of information.

It is therefor an offense for any person to to wilfully and repeatedly use an electronic communication to disturb the peace, quiet or right of privacy of another commits an offence.

Sending and forwarding a
Submit a filled application form for a patent and attach the patent document with a title, abstract, description, claims and drawings; and proof of payment to Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) which will allocate the document a filing date and patent application number.

URSB will examine the application in order to determine if the invention is patentable.

You will then be inform
Kabugo Sulaiman posted Mar 9 '21 at 3:28 pm
Many times, you and I have purchased or been involved in land transactions.

In most cases we have not take steps to find out whether the subject land is actually in issue in one of the ongoing court cases.

The court of appeal has categorically held in Kayabura & 2 Ors v Kahangirwe (Civil Appeal-2015/8 [2019] UGCA 2048 (12 December 2019, that Whoever buys land which is a subject of co
Article 18 of Uganda's Constitution mandates the Government of Uganda to register all Marriages that occur in Uganda. This is done with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB).

Customary Marriages and civil marriages conducted at the district are registered with the Sub-County Chief/Town Clerk who issues a Customary/Civil marriage Certificate.

All other Marriages must be registere
Kabugo Sulaiman posted Feb 17 '21 at 2:09 am
Offensive communication is an offence under the computer misuse Act,

Many of us find ourselves culpable and make others victims of what we say and post on different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter etc,

If you find yourself in such a situation as a victim of someone's reckless posting of any writting, your nudes and use of abusive language against you, you can
Many former candidates upon losing elections wish to challenge the election process and the manner in which votes were tallied.

The applicants must however note that they are limited by time. The application must at all levels be brought within 7 days from the date of the election. The Chief magistrate has got 74 days within which to determine the whether or not a recount should ensue.

There are instances where people have for many years been permitted to use shortcuts cutting through neighbouring land.

This creates an easement which basically confers upon such a person the right to use or restrict the use of the neighbour's land in some way.

To prove the existance of the easement in such circumstances, there should be a long uninterrupted use of the land.

With the recent country wide shut down of the internet by the government we move to examine the legal implication of the internet shutdown.

The right to Internet access, also known as the right to broadband or freedom to connect, is the view that all people must be able to access the Internet in order to exercise and enjoy their rights to freedom of expression and opinion and other fundamenta
In July 2016, the United Nations declared access to the Internet to be a human right vide resolution A/HRC/32/L.20. An addition was made to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), that provides; “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom, receive and impart information and ideas through any media...” How
House arrest involves confinement of a person to his/her home or another specified location instead of incarceration in a jail or prison. House arrest may take on various forms such as curfew restrictions, home confinement/home incarceration, surrender of one's passport; among others.

Despite the fact that house arrests are not provided for under the law, Police in Uganda usually rely on Sec

The arrest of Counsel Nickolas Opio is so sad but a reflection of the state’s lack of tolerance to all those defending against human rights violations.

Was this arrest legal? No it wasn’t. it is alleged that Chapter Four received $340,000 from one of it's donors. Chapter four is a duly registered Compa
Nathanella Kigozi posted Dec 21 '20 at 10:41 am
You can vary the term of a subsisting lease through a variation deed made between the landlord (lessor) and yourself (lessee).


Reach a consensus with the lessor on variation of the term of the lease.

Prepare and sign a variation deed showing the changes made.

If the lease was granted by a public body, make an application to them by letter for variation of the lease.

Nathanella Kigozi posted Dec 21 '20 at 9:14 am
When an existing tenant rents all or part of their property to a third party, it is referred to as "subleasing/subletting".

Subletting depends on whether the underlying lease agreement permits it. If not, you need to obtain prior consent from from your landlord (the lessor).

Subletting is for a period of not less than five (5) years and not more than the period for which you have been gr
Nathanella Kigozi posted Nov 24 '20 at 7:07 pm
In order for one to make a valid will, he or she should have the capacity to make the will, meaning that he or she should be an adult (18 and above); and should be of sound mind at the time of making the will (not insane, drunk, too sick or too old to understand what he or she is doing).

In determination of capacity, consideration is given to whether the person making the will (testator) know
Every arrested suspect in police custody has a constitutional right to be produced before the courts of law within 48 hours.

Failure of which hlthe suspect is entitled to an unconditional release.

We are witnessing hundreds of people being arrested and dumped in various detention facilities on the alleged breach of covid 19 rules and unlawful assembly during the ongoing demonstration agai
Visit a law firm or Legal Aid Service Provider (if you cannot afford a private lawyer). You shall be interviewed to weigh the possibility of success or failure of your case.

If there are greater chances of success you can then give your instructions to your lawyer which are formalized through an engagement letter.

Before a lawsuit is instituted, the person suing (Plaintiff) is required t
Article 52 (1) of the 1995 Constitution lays down the following functions of the Commission:-

To investigate , at its own initiative or on a complaint made by any person or group of persons against the violation of any human right.

To visit jails, prisons, and places of detention or related facilities with a view of assessing and inspecting conditions of the inmates and make recommendati
Children have the right to give evidence in courts of law. Our criminal laws are specifically concerned with children of tender years who are 14 years and below.
When a child is presented to give evidence in court, court has to establish whether the child understands the duty of telling the truth and has the necessary intelligence to remember and recollect facts. This procedure is termed as
Nathanella Kigozi posted Nov 4 '20 at 2:31 pm
In many instances, clients approach lawyers wanting to institute suits without understanding what the process entails. The foundation of every civil lawsuit starts with a defined injury or loss which constitute a cause of action.

A cause of action is a fact or combination of facts that give(s) a person the right to seek judicial redress or relief against another person; and the elements belo
Upon the death of one of the administrators or executors, the surving administrator or executor remains in charge and there is no need of acquiring a fresh grant of Letters of administration.

Nathanella Kigozi posted Nov 2 '20 at 11:30 am
All persons with legal capacity can sue and be sued. Legal capacity refers to the right or ability under the law to be able to engage in a particular undertaking. Legal capacity is generally determined by age and mental status. Therefore a person intending to sue should be an adult (18 years and above); and of sound mind. The law may also prescribe other circumstances under which a person may sue
A child is any person below the age of 18 years.

The rights enjoyed by a child offender start running upon arrest till imprisonment. The following rights are provided for under the children Act Cap 59.

A child has a right not to be remanded in custody of an adult prison.

It is only the family and children's court that can pass sentence against the child.

Enjoyment of the Right t
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